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  • earthmover OTR tires; giant tires keep you safe and stability
    LUAN 37.00R57 HA162 GIANT OTR TIRE
    Designed for mining dump trucks, LUAN 37.00R57 HA162 GIANT OTR TIRE features high braking performance and excellent cut resistance.
  • premium quality otr tyres;giant radial tires
    LUAN 37.00R57 HA163 GIANT OTR TIRE
    The Giant OTR Tires feature excellent durability and reliability. It is applicable to high-hardness and tough mining condition area.
  • Giant tires for haul trucks; Large off the road tires
    LUAN 37.00R57 HA169 GIANT OTR TIRE
    Designed for rigid dump trucks, LUAN 37.00R57 HA169 GIANT OTR TIRE is suitable for any tough mine environment, such as iron ore mine, copper mine etc.
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