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    LUAN 46/90R57 OTR Tyres Selected to Equip with XCMG 240 Ton Truck for BAUMA Exhibition

    A very successful BAUMA exhibition where Haian display LUAN 46/90R57 OTR Tires at XCMG 240 ton truck on November 27th,2018. The tires were sailing to Australia together with XCMG dump trucks. This is first time for Chinese enterprise to massively export of large-scale mining equipment in the high-end market. As the XCMG's Giant OTR Tyres' supplier, Haian is greatly honored and very proud.

    Due to the high quality of tires and comprehensive service, Haian has obtained trust by a large number of customers in Australia market. Therefore, Haian has every confidence that Luan 46/90R57 tyres can adapt to high-intensity working environment of Australian open-pit mines.

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